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Prevent Fires With These Christmas Tree Safety Tips

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The reason that so many look forward to the coldest months of the year is that the arrival of the winter season means that Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping for gifts, decorating your home, and planning for a delicious Christmas feast are just a few of the reasons that so many people love this holiday, and if you’re like many, your favorite part of Christmas is trimming the tree.

The most recognizable decoration in the world, a Christmas tree can be crucial to creating the perfect festive atmosphere. However, your tree can also be a major fire hazard if you don’t place or decorate it correctly. Find out how you can prevent fires by following these Christmas tree safety tips, so you and your family can enjoy a fun and memorable holiday.

On the Christmas Tree Lot

If you want to wring every last bit of fun out of the holiday season, then you probably go to purchase your Christmas tree the moment your local lot opens for the season. While you’re browsing the selection of trees at your favorite spot, there are a few characteristics to look for to make sure you’re choosing the safest option possible.

First, the needles on your tree should be a vibrant green color. If the needles are browning, it means the tree is dry, old, and prone to fire. Second, give your tree a brisk shake and see how many needles fall to the ground. A tree with very loose needles should be avoided, as this means it’s not fresh.

A newer, fresher tree will be much more resistant to fire and the safer choice for your home.

Tree Trimming Advice

Other than purchasing your tree, the best way to make the most of your holiday decoration is to choose the ideal location. When it comes to safety, you want to make sure your tree is far from any exits in your home, and that is not near heating vents, electrical outlets, fireplaces, or any other object likely to cause a fire. You should also frequently water your tree to prevent drying, which as we know, increases your fire risk.

After placing your tree, it’s time to start decorating, and the first step in the tree trimming process is usually hanging lights. Only use lights that have been independently tested for safety and are labeled as being specifically for indoor use. Obviously, you should not use a light string that has a damaged cord or plug, or that has burned out bulbs, all of which can cause a fire.

Make sure that you unplug your tree when you go to sleep or leave your home to reduce your risk of fire even further. Lastly, once the holiday season has ended, take your tree to a proper disposal location at the soonest opportunity, and never store your tree in your garage.

Legal Help After an Injury

If you make sure to follow these Christmas tree safety tips, you should be able to stay safe this holiday season. However, if you’ve suffered a Christmastime injury because of another person, explore your legal options with the help of Childs Bishop & White PC.

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