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Questions To Ask When Contacting An Auto Accident Attorney

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The person involved in a serious car crash is wise to have as much detail about the events of his or her accident as possible prior to the initial meeting with an auto accident attorney.  The information provided to the attorney needs to evolve around the accident. Some items which are useful include:

  • The individual’s insurance policy,
  • Any notes taken as to conversations exchanged at the scene of the accident;
  • Medical records and so on and so forth.

Following are the types of questions, the injured party may wish to ask the accident attorney during his or her initial free consultation:

  • Percentage-wise:  How much of the firm’s practice is devoted to cases relative to automobile accidents?
  • What experience do you have as it pertains to the type of injuries pertinent to this case?
  • What is an average settlement range for similar cases?
  • What percentage of this case will you be handling–personally?
  • What is your firm’s fee structure?
  • What out-of-pocket expenses are the client’s responsibility?

Automobile accident cases are generally handled on an “only if we win” basis:  The preceding means that if the auto accident attorney is not successful in securing a positive outcome–meaning he or she does not win the case; he or she is unable to collect a fee. (The type of fee he or she collects, on a successful settlement is referred to as a contingency fee.) However, when the attorney is successful in attaining compensation for the client, his or her fee is generally thirty-three percent to forty percent of what is awarded. There are various limits, though, imposed from one state to the next state. Additionally, attorney fees are not the same as out-of-pocket expenses; associated with the case. The client may be responsible for particular out-of-pocket expenses; however, such matters are covered during the initial conversation with the attorney.

In order for the person, who has suffered injury as a result of an automobile accident to weigh the evidentiary information of his case, it is best he contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. In doing so, he or she has a better chance of attaining a fair settlement.

Our firm will work diligently in protecting the rights of the injured party and in receiving of a fair settlement–on behalf of the client. In order to find out more information, injured parties, who have been involved in automobile accidents, are encouraged to contact us at their earliest possible convenience.

We are here to serve the legal needs of the person involved in an automobile accident; and, who has received injury as a result of the negligent behavior of another driver.