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When Do Drivers Have The Right Of Way While Driving?

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A recent rollover accident in Odessa resulted in injuries to several individuals, some of them requiring hospitalization. Authorities have said there will citations issued for failure to yield the right of way. While people generally know whether they have the right of way or not, there are some situations which might be confusing.

Making A Left Turn At A Stop Light

Unless you specifically have a green turn arrow, you must allow oncoming traffic the right of way. If you have a green light and you can safely make your turn before oncoming traffic arrives, you may make your left turn. With flashing arrows, you must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic, but you may proceed once it is safe to do so.

Making A Right Turn On A Red Light

Although it is generally legal to make a right turn on a red light, the driver must first come to a complete stop. Then the driver must yield to any traffic with green lights. This could mean traffic traveling straight. It may also include traffic making a left turn.


For some drivers, roundabouts are among the most confusing driving situations. Drivers already in the roundabout have the right of way over those wanting to enter. Because traffic is only coming from the left, drivers wanting to enter the roundabout only need to yield to traffic coming from the left.

Two Vehicles Getting To A Four-Way Stop At Same Time

Generally, one vehicle or the other will get to a four-way stop slightly before the other. When both vehicles get to the stop at the same time, though, the vehicle to the right has the right of way.

It is important to know that just because you have the right away does not necessarily mean you should take it. If another vehicle insists upon going first, avoiding an accident may mean allowing that vehicle to go before you. If you were injured in an accident where another driver failed to yield the right of way to you, anĀ Odessa injury lawyer can help. Contact us to learn how one of our lawyers can help you.