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It’s fairly obvious — tractor trailers are dangerous. Time and time again we’ve discussed the devastating effects that occur after a big truck runs into a passenger car. Due to the sheer size difference, these accidents are much more likely to end in serious injury for those in the smaller cars. If people in passenger cars don’t stand a chance against semi-trucks, when Texans on motorcycles have run-ins with tractor trailers the outcomes is even more grim.

A bike accident near Monahans illustrated the tragic effects that occur when these two collide. The biker was heading down Interstate 20, followed closely by an 18-wheeler. At some point the rider slowed down — the semi didn’t.

A motorcyclist is hit from behind by a tractor trailer and killed in Odessa.

He smashed into the back of the motorcycle and threw the rider from the bike and into a ditch. The 18-wheeler continued out-of-control and wrecked into a light pole where it finally came to a stop. As is the case with many of these wrecks, the truck driver walked away from the accident, but the rider was pronounced dead at the scene.

What Will the Insurance Company Do After A Truck Accident in West Texas?

The truck’s insurance companies don’t want to pay out a large settlement after you’ve been injured by one of their rigs. Their interest is in protecting their assets and paying you as little as possible. In fact, they might even try to claim that the accident was your fault to avoid compensating you all together. Protecting yourself with legal representation is important when fighting against big insurance companies.

Odessa Truck Accident Lawyer

To get the help you need and a chance at the money you deserve, get the help of an Odessa lawyer experienced in settling 18-wheeler accidents in West Texas.

West Texas injury lawyer Robert White fights for accident victims in Odessa, Midland, Big Spring, Monahans, Pueblo, and throughout the Permian Basin, and he’ll fight for you, too. Robert has been serving accident victims in Texas for decades and isn’t intimidated by big insurance companies.

So if you’ve been injured by a big truck, put Robert White on your side. Contact him today and let him get started on you West Texas truck accident claim with a free case evaluation.

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Robert WhiteRider Killed When Semi Strikes Motorcycle | Trucking Accident Lawyer Odessa

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