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Safety In Industrial Environments Is Imperative For The Workers

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Of the many work environments, industrial environments can be the harshest of places to work. These work areas are typically noisy and often require hearing protection. Some environments such as cement plants are frequently dusty and require dust masks. Others such as large foundries are both sooty and dusty where the workers are subject to severe burn risk.

The more active a manufacturing floor is, the more dangerous. The worker in such fast paced environments must watch for constant forklift activity in the aisles and sometimes must keep an eye on the overhead activity of gantry cranes carrying multi-ton objects. Safety in these places is not guaranteed. It requires safety consciousness on the part of the worker.

Here are five safety tips for working in an industrial environment:

Always Wear Your Safety Gear

Safety gear requirements typically include a hard hat, safety glasses or goggles, work boots (often with steel toes), and sometimes dust masks and hearing protection. Occasionally, workers will forgo wearing some of their safety gear because of convenience or comfort reasons. This subjects them to the risk of injury and possible termination of their employment.

Always Follow Protocol

Protocol, or the prescribed way of doing things, is usually put together with safety in mind. By following these procedures, you avoid making typical safety mistakes and minimize risk. Be sure to learn, remember, and follow them.

Get Help When You Need It

Many tragic accidents have occurred because a worker failed to get help for tasks that can only be safely done with two or more people. Familiarity with the task and a habit of taking shortcuts are the reasons for making this mistake.

Only Do The Work For Which You Are Qualified

Sometimes it is tempting to do a task for which you are not qualified because you don’t want to wait around for the right person to get to it. This is often the case for fairly straightforward tasks. This is the reason why unqualified people get electrocuted doing electrician’s work for example.

Stay Alert

Lack of sleep, distraction, complacency, and even intoxication have caused many accidents. Unlike an office environment that is more forgiving of mistakes, the plant floor is inherently dangerous. Alertness keeps you from stepping in front of forklifts or losing your hand because you placed it in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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