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Six Tips For Avoiding Road Rage

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For many, driving is an exercise in frustration and aggravation. Between the congested roadways and bad drivers, it’s easy to get hot under the collar. For the hurried motorist, slow drivers have no right to block his way. For the motorist driving at the speed limit, the impatient tailgater has no right to endanger him. Both people are potential road rage candidates.

No one can drive in a way that suits everyone perfectly. The only solution is for motorists to view driving as a collaborative effort with the goal of everyone arriving safely to their destinations. This requires a change of mindset towards driving and requires examining one’s own behavior and attitudes. However, if an aggressive driver has injured you or someone close to you in an accident, seek the legal advice of an experienced car accident attorney in Odessa.

Here are six suggestions for avoiding road rage:

Allow Plenty Of Time To Reach Your Destination

The more rushed your commute, the more dependent you are on road traffic moving quickly and efficiently. This causes stress when the traffic doesn’t “cooperate” with your needs.

Avoid Stressful Commuting Routes

Instead of choosing the fastest route, choose routes with less traffic and start earlier to allow for the longer commute.

Use The Left Lanes For Passing

Many aggressive drivers favor the left lanes. By staying out of them except when passing, you minimize your encounters with aggressive drivers.

Don’t Give In To Anger

Using a car to express anger is dangerous, especially when one directs that anger at another motorist. If this causes an accident, the aggressive driver may have criminal charges brought against him.

Accommodate And Help Other Motorists

Angry aggressive driving is habit-forming. Fortunately, so is kindness. People on the road are a community with the common goal of reaching their destinations safely. When a car needs to pull into your lane, help the person out by allowing plenty of room. Make way for the rushed driver who is late for his appointment. Treat your fellow commuters with kindness and respect.

Avoid Confrontation

There is no need to even the score by returning every perceived slight or insult that comes your way. The actions of aggressive drivers have nothing to do with you as a person. They are simply acting out on their stress. When another’s bad driving endangers you, it’s not your job to dispense justice by teaching the person a lesson. If the driver is truly endangering the public, call the police.

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