Man Slipping On A Wet Floor

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Severe

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Many people assume when they slip and fall it was their own fault. They don’t consider the fact that someone else may be negligent and therefore liable for their injury. Odessa slip and fall lawyer Childs Bishop & White P.C. wants you to know that sometimes slips and falls aren’t just innocent accidents. Sometimes they are due to unsafe conditions and the property owner can be found negligent for not resolving the issue.

Slips and falls can happen in any location. Examples include:

The property manager and maintenance employees at these locations are responsible for making sure they are safe. This means they need to mark wet floors with signs and remove trip hazards. Lighting should be adequate so people can see where they are walking. Flooring should be in good repair.

Unsafe conditions must be fixed within a reasonable amount of time. This means a leaking cooler that leaves a puddle on the floor should be repaired within hours and not left to leak for weeks. While the puddle is present signage should be in place to warn customers of the danger.

In the winter time property managers and maintenance employees must also be sure that walkways are free of ice and snow. Again a reasonable amount of time is allowed. So, if snow is present while it is snowing outside that is OK. Snow and ice should not continue to be an issue days after the storm however.

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