Stationary Vehicles and Liability

According to an article from NewsWest 9, a family was planning in June to file a lawsuit against the West Odessa Fire Department following a crash that killed their son and his girlfriend. The 24-year-old and his 21-year-old girlfriend were reportedly on their way to the movies recently when the motorcycle they were riding on crashed into a fire department truck on Interstate 20. The truck was diverting traffic away from another accident.

According to the attorney for the man’s family, witnesses have stated that the fire department truck’s lights were not flashing and no cones or flares were in use. Additionally, the witnesses reported that the truck was parked parallel directly in front of oncoming traffic, the article noted. The attorney believes that these issues indicate negligence on the part of the fire department.

Though the outcome of this case is uncertain, it is an indication of the different types of accidents that can lead to personal injury or wrongful death cases. While everyone is familiar with the notion of an accident caused by a negligent driver, accidents can also be caused by stationary vehicles as well. While Texas law requires that drivers who are passing a stationary emergency vehicle to vacate the nearest lanes and slow down, the law also requires that the emergency vehicle use appropriate visual signals to warn drivers of its presence.

If you or a loved one have been in an accident that involved a stationary vehicle — whether an emergency vehicle or otherwise — Odessa car accident lawyer Robert White can help determine if you have a case. This determination is made based on evidence such as police reports from the accident, as well as witness statements and other information you provide. It’s important to act quickly in such situations, in order to receive the maximum amount of compensation that you may obtain. Contact us today for a free consultation.

chrisStationary Vehicles and Liability

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