Odessa Man Killed in Collision with Tractor Trailer

18 wheeler Odessa Texas

A fatal crash occurred south of Andrews at 6:30 a.m. the morning of February 27th. A semi-truck was traveling west on County Road 1900 when it crossed the northbound lanes of Highway U.S. 385 in preparation of turning south onto the highway. According to reports as the semi attempted its southbound turn, a white pickup cut him off, causing the …

chrisOdessa Man Killed in Collision with Tractor Trailer

18-Wheeler Accident Leaves Two Hospitalized

An 18 wheeler in Odessa tx

Less than two weeks ago, two individuals had to be hospitalized following a serious auto accident on Interstate 20, near Odessa. According to NewsWest 9, the Nunez family was traveling along the interstate in their pickup truck. State Troopers say a careless driver who was traveling behind them rear-ended their vehicle, causing it to skid sideways. State Troopers report that …

chris18-Wheeler Accident Leaves Two Hospitalized