How To Prevent A Motorcycle Accident In Odessa

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While motorcycle accidents aren’t more common than other kinds of auto accidents, the nature of the vehicle makes them far more likely to end in a serious injury or fatality. In fact, there are well over 30 times more fatalities from motorcycle accidents than cars. It pays to understand what causes these accidents and how you can avoid it happening …

Robert WhiteHow To Prevent A Motorcycle Accident In Odessa

Important Safety Tips For Motorcyclists

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Spring is a good time of year to focus on motorcycle safety. More motorcyclists will head out on the road in the spring and summer months and unfortunately, this means more collisions. Odessa motorcycle accident lawyer, Childs Bishop & White, are providing the following tips so motorcyclists stay safe. Tips for Car Drivers Look for motorcycles. Many drivers look for an …

Robert WhiteImportant Safety Tips For Motorcyclists

Mistakes To Avoid After Auto Accidents

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Many people who are part of an unfortunate auto accident or who have an unfortunate personal injury have no idea what they should do after the accident. More importantly, those same people do not know what they should avoid doing after they have been involved in an accident. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that some people make are …

Robert WhiteMistakes To Avoid After Auto Accidents