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A few months ago, we discussed how the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) was hoping to increase the speed limit on a new toll road to 85mph. The increase would make it the fastest posted speed limit in the country and the 2nd fastest in the world.

Highway 130 will stretch for 41 miles and connect Austin and San Antonio. TxDOT hoped the increased speed would relieve congested traffic on Interstate 35, but the potential increase wasn’t without its detractors. The most vocal opponents believed that raising the limits would also raise the amount of injury accidents and traffic fatalities.

Despite the debate it seems now that the raised speed limit is a certainty. According to the State Highway 130 Concession Co, construction crews are already posting 85mph speed limit signs along the new toll road.

85mph speed limits a reality in Texas.

Safety was always the biggest concerns from both those for and against the speed limit. TxDOT previously assured that the changes would be made under ‘extremely high design parameters,’ and they continue to claim that the stretch will be safe for traveling motorists.

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Robert WhiteTexas Will See 85mph Speed Limit by November | Auto Accident Attorney Odessa

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