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When Should You Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

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If you suffered a serious injury on the job you might be wondering if it is time to speak with an Odessa workers’ compensation lawyer. In short, there are times when an attorney is not necessary and times when you should never handle your own case.

The most common issues that come with workers’ compensation claims are flat-out denial of the claim and underpayment. There are three other cases when you should contact an attorney:

You Are Eligible For Social Security Disability

If you are on Disability, a poorly structured settlement could have you owing a considerable amount of money to the government.

You Are Partially Or Totally Disabled

These cases are so expensive for insurance companies that they are bound to fight back against paying out all or most of your lost income. Especially if you are disabled because of a workplace injury.

You May Have A Third-Party Claim

In some injury cases the employee may have a claim against their employer and a civil case against another party. This is a situation where two sets of case law apply, and a non-attorney would be hopelessly ill-equipped to represent themselves.

Your Employer Punishes You

If you can still work, but your employer fires you or demotes you or otherwise tries to punish you for making an expensive claim, you should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Many workers’ comp cases are for minor injuries, like a sprained wrist, or get processed and paid without any real issue. If your situation isn’t like that, and you live in the Odessa area, contact us to discuss your case.