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Driving Tips For Senior Citizens

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According to the CDC fatal crash rates increase as people age with a significantly noticeable increase above age 70. This does not mean drivers over 70 shouldn’t be on the road however. Everyone ages differently and many drivers are able to continue driving into their 80’s and beyond.

As we age certain factors increase the chance of getting into a car accident including:

  • Vision issues
  • Hearing Loss
  • Slower motor reflexes
  • Reduced flexibility and mobility
  • Medication Side Effects

To avoid an accident Odessa car accident lawyer, Childs Bishop & White, recommends senior drivers keep the following tips in mind.

Vision And Hearing Checks

Be sure to have your vision checked every year. Seniors commonly face vision issues such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. An eye doctor can identify an issue and correct it so you can continue driving safely. Hearing checks are important too. If you need hearing aids make sure to wear them when you are driving. Keep other noises, such as the radio, to a minimum.


Continue to exercise as you age. In order to drive you need the flexibility to look over your should before you change lanes or to look left and right at intersections checking for pedestrians and traffic. You need to be able to move your leg from the gas to the brake. It is important to be able to turn the steering wheel. Therefore you need to exercise to maintain your strength, flexibility and mobility.

Plenty Of Space

Your reaction time may be slower than it was 20+ years ago. Therefore allow plenty of space between your vehicle and the car ahead of you so you have time to stop if needed.

Many seniors find it important to continue driving so they can maintain their independence. Following the above tips will help ensure you remain a safe driver. Contact us if you have been in an accident so we can help you recover.