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Tire Care Mistakes That Cause Accidents

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If you have ever noticed curled strips of rubber lying along highway shoulders, you were looking at left over remnants of tire blowouts. Blowouts usually occur because of tire care mistakes as well as neglect. Improper tire care also degrades a car’s steering, handling, and braking, especially when the road conditions are poor. This is a common cause of auto accidents.

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Here are four tire care mistakes that may cause an accident or a tire blowout:

  • Plugging a hole in the sidewall of a tire. The sidewall of a tire is thin compared to the tire’s tread area and lacks reinforcing cord. It also experiences more flexing. On the other hand, the tread area is thick, reinforced with fiber cord, and has a less extreme flexing pattern than the sidewall. It is both stable and strong enough to safely hold a tire plug.
  • Checking pressure by looking at the tire. A tire that looks OK can be under inflated by 20 percent. Depending on the person’s idea of what a fully inflated tire looks like, the tire’s under inflation can even be worse. Check your pressure with a gauge while the tires are cool.
  • Failure to diagnose the cause for uneven tire wear. Tires are supposed to wear evenly. If they don’t, then there is a mechanical problem that is causing it. Tread wear on both edges of the tire usually means chronic under inflation, while tread that’s worn at the center means chronic over inflation. Failure to rotate your tires and wheel misalignment cause tread to wear on one side of the tire. Fixing the underlying cause of uneven tread wear restores your car’s handling and road performance. It also slows down your tread wear which saves you the expense of frequent tire replacement.
  • Assuming that good tread means good tires. Many people are still using the original spare tire in the trunk of their six-year-old cars. They see no reason for replacing it because it is barely used and still has good tread. However, rubber slowly degrades over the years from oxidation. After six years, the tire must be replaced.

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