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Truck Drivers Are Held To A Higher Standard On The Road And Must Be Safe

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Accidents with trucks can be especially dangerous. The results are often devastating. Significant damages to the vehicle and severe injuries for the occupants are common. Unfortunately many of these accidents could have been avoided if the truck driver had taken the proper precautions. Odessa car accident lawyer, Childs Bishop & White P.C., wants drivers to know about common causes of truck accidents that are due to the fault of the truck driver.

Driving In An Unsafe Manner

All drivers on the road must make decisions that prevent their vehicle from hitting another vehicle. For truck drivers this is especially important when coming to a stop or making a turn. Trucks are long and heavy which increases the difficulty of stopping and turning. Drivers must take this into account and follow safe driving practices. Here are some examples of unsafe decisions.

  • A truck driver that turns in an illegal or dangerous way can cause an accident.
  • A driver that doesn’t brake properly and loses control of the truck or doesn’t stop in time is also driving in an unsafe manner.
  • Texting and driving means not enough attention is being paid to the road.
  • Travelling above the speed limit may result in loss of control of the truck.

In all of these cases the truck driver is at fault for any resulting collision.

Maintenance Issues

One of the roles of the truck driver is to maintain his rig. If he fails to do this properly a mechanical failure may occur. That failure can lead to an accident.


The amount of consecutive hours a truck driver can be on the road is regulated. If the driver does not follow these regulations he may become fatigued and cause an accident.

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