Two Employees Killed in West Texas Drilling Accident; Company in Violation of 23 OSHA Regulations

While we’re at work, that last thing we should be concerned about is whether or not our employer is following the guidelines of safety. We should instead be focused on doing our job to the best of our ability. It is indeed a shame when employers let us down and expose us to unnecessary risks– risks that can result in injury and even death. We all expect the company vehicle to be in operational condition, the safety features on the equipment we use to be functional, and the management to follow industry standards when they assign work duties.

Unfortunately, that does not always occur. Channel 7, one of our local CBS affiliates, recently reported on a story where a drilling company was found to be in violation of 23 OSHA safety codes. Now, this is Texas, and there is LOTS of drilling going on here; whether it is for black gold (you know, OIL), water, or natural gas…it’s just part of our culture, yet there are still companies operating within the clear boundaries of negligence.

This story is more than a “worker injures self tripping over a power cord” story. Rather, this incident resulted in two employees being KILLED when they were struck by a drilling mechanism that failed and flew apart. Now we understand that machinery can and does fail, but when OSHA determines that the company is at fault and is in violation of a major code (in this case a violation of the “failing to prevent ‘struck by’ injuries” code) we are all saddened by the obvious neglect shown by the company and the way in which they disregarded the workers and their families.

Of course, death is not the only possible workplace injury and this unfortunate incident highlighted this as well. OSHA noted that of the 23 violations, eight were “serious.” In this case, the definition of a “serious” violation is: substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result from a hazard about which the employer knew or should have known.”

What this tells us is that the loss of these two men was preventable. The company is facing upwards of $100,000 in fines, but that does little to replace the lives of two people, nor does it ease the pain felt by the loved ones they left behind.

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chrisTwo Employees Killed in West Texas Drilling Accident; Company in Violation of 23 OSHA Regulations

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