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Mistakes To Avoid After Auto Accidents

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Many people who are part of an unfortunate auto accident or who have an unfortunate personal injury have no idea what they should do after the accident. More importantly, those same people do not know what they should avoid doing after they have been involved in an accident.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that some people make are listed below. You should always remember to keep these things in mind so you can avoid hurting your auto accident claim or personal injury claim.

Not Keeping Documents Of The Incident

After you have been involved in an accident, you should write down notes to remind you of what happened. If you are unable to make notes on your own, you should have someone who saw what happened, write down the notes for you.

What Should You Write Down In Your Notes?

  • what happened
  • how the accident happened
  • what were you doing when the accident happened
  • what did you see, feel, and hear when the accident occurred?
  • how much pain and discomfort you felt after the accident and during the treatment and recovery process

Additional Critical Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making

  • Not taking photographs of the accident
  • Not being honest about your injuries to your doctor
  • Calling the attorney before you have been treated by a doctor
  • Not following doctor’s orders
  • Hiring an attorney who guarantees you they will give you a certain outcome. There are too many twists and turns that can occur during a case; so no reputable attorney will give you a specific outcome of your case

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