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Important Car Accident Statistics You Should Know

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Car accidents commonly occur in Texas. Unfortunately many involve serious injury or even death. In 2014, there was at least one death each day on the roadways. Drivers can learn a lot from the statistics of previous crashes. The car accident lawyers at Childs Bishop & White want you to learn from the statistics so you can avoid being in a serious car accident. According to the Texas Department of Transportation there were 13,675 serious injury crashes in 2014. Let’s examine what we can learn from these accidents.

Always Wear A Seatbelt

Over 40% of the people who were killed due to a car accident were not properly restrained. Wearing a seatbelt could save your life. Be sure to properly restrain your children as well. Make sure you use the correct car seat for their age and size and buckle them in every time.

Avoid DUI

Almost 30% of all of the fatal crashes that occurred in 2014 involved a DUI. These crashes commonly occurred between 2 and 3 AM on Saturday. If you plan to enjoy a night out remember to bring along a designated driver or call a taxi. Don’t take the risk of driving after drinking.

Don’t Be Distracted

In 2014, 483 people were killed due to distracted driving. Therefore it is important to avoid distractions when you are operating a vehicle. Don’t text and drive or talk on your cell phone when driving. Avoid other distractions such as eating, reading, shaving or putting on make-up when you drive. Try to limit distractions from children by providing them something to keep them entertained before you head out on the road.

Keep the above tips in mind to help avoid injury or fatality in a car accident. If you have already been involved in a car accident avoid immediately settling with the insurance company. If you have suffered injury you will want to make sure your medical bills, now and in the future, are paid for so you can fully recover. The insurance company may not provide you a full settlement. You will need an Odessa car accident lawyer to help you. Contact us to learn more.