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Often times when we think of car accidents we think of high speed encounters on our Texas roads. That is not always the case, and unfortunately we were reminded of that earlier this week when KWES News West channel 9 reported on a West Texas car accident in a parking lot in a Lake Worth shopping center.

It has often been stated that it is more dangerous to drive or ride in a car than to fly in a plane; so as a result, when we reach our destination we should feel safe, right? For several families that had reached their destination and were walking in the parking lot towards the stores of their choice, the tragic opposite happened.

A passenger truck, driven by an elderly man, drove into what appears to be two separate groups of pedestrians and several parked cars before coming to a stop. The resulting aftermath of the car accident left one child lifeless and 6 others (including more children) injured. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families affected and we wish a speedy recovery to all suffering from injuries.

No amount of prayer can reverse a death, and the loss that a family experienced must be heart wrenching. This only serves to remind us of how precious life is and that we must continually take action to protect it. The last thing this family needs to concern themselves with is the legal fallout from such a tragedy.

West Texas car accident lawyers detail a parking lot wreck that left a child dead.

What can you do after being in an auto accident in West Texas?

At this point the investigation is continuing, and you can be sure that the authorities and insurance companies will look to assign responsibility. This is where experienced legal representation can make the difference. The only thing we want the affected families to focus on is love, support, and healing. We don’t want them to be overwhelmed by police investigators, insurance adjusters, or hospital billing agents. That is the job of experienced car accident attorneys.

West Texas Car Accident Lawyers

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Robert WhiteParking Lot Accident Devastates Families | West Texas Car Accident Lawyers

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