What is Products Liability?

Despite the efforts of regulatory organizations like the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Production Safety Commission, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, defective and downright dangerous products still make it into the hands of consumers every day. Products liability cases can be big business for personal injury attorneys who take on class action lawsuits and high profile drug recalls. But products liability laws aren’t limited to big time, big money cases. Any food or product created or marketed for you to eat, use, wear or drive is not supposed to hurt you. When it does, you need to contact a products liability lawyer like Robert White who can truly help.

Products liability cases come from food-borne illnesses, toys with dangerous parts, manufacturing errors on automobiles and quite a few other situations. But, regardless if you’re hurt because of mistake or blatant negligence, big corporations know they should do better. Only an experienced products liability lawyer really knows how to hold businesses accountable for allowing you or your loved one to be injured by their product. Corporations have powerful attorneys at the ready to dispute accident injury claims related to their goods. If they can’t disprove the injury, they can pass the buck on who was responsible. In other words, corporate attorneys can delay your complaint over and over again in hopes that you’ll go away.

West Texas Products Liability Lawyer

Ask Robert White to advocate for you or your loved one after a personal injury like this here in Odessa, Midland, or anywhere in the Permian Basin and Texas Hill Country. He doesn’t let corporate lawyer tactics sway him. He is ready to see your case through to its rightful conclusion.

Building a products liability case can be complex. Attorney White knows the law and knows how to fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve after being hurt by a dangerous product.

JonathanWhat is Products Liability?