Car Accident Deposition

What To Expect During A Car Accident Deposition in Odessa

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Any personal injury lawsuit is a complicated mix of legal hurdles and loopholes. The only way to ensure a fair settlement or verdict is by presenting as much evidence as possible to the court. Getting this information, however, is often difficult, to say the least. In most cases, the court typically will rely on a series of depositions to obtain the important details that can make or break a case; this goes for car accident cases as well.

Attorney Robert White is well versed in serving and conducting depositions and there are many parts of the process that you should keep in mind if ever you are involved in a car accident. You should specifically know what goes into a deposition.

About Depositions

A deposition is a controlled situation in which two or more parties involved in a given case are able to discuss a number of issues. This conversation is usually handled through respective attorneys and all information gathered will be recorded for the court.

When it comes to car accident cases, a number of different people may be deposed, including: all of the drivers involved, whatever passengers were in the vehicles, other onsite witnesses, police officers at the scene and doctors or other medical personnel.

How Many People Can You Expect?

Depositions are kept small for the most part, though you should not hope to be alone. The respective attorneys, for example, will be present, along with any other witnesses, witnesses’ attorneys and the official court reporter.

What are the Questions?

Depositions usually start with very broad identifying questions, such as: who is the deposed individual and how is he or she related to the case? Any additional questions will then focus on what information or insight the individual can give on the car accident case. A police officer, for instance, can talk about details from the scene.

How Long Are Depositions?

Depositions need to be planned in advance to prevent unforeseen scheduling conflicts. As a result, the time between initial notification and the deposition itself is usually about five business days. The deposition will then probably take no more than a few hours.

Where are Depositions Conducted?

An official deposition can happen almost anywhere, although usually they will be held somewhere near the deposed individuals. The deposition does not have to take place in a courtroom either. Instead, a deposition can be held in a doctor’s office, private home, or even a conference center or hotel meeting room.

Learn More About Car Accident Depositions

A car accident deposition is meant to help the court get to the bottom of a given case, but, as with all legal questions, if you ever find yourself deposed, you should contact a car accident lawyer right away. For anyone specifically hurt in a car accident, attorney Robert White would like to help you.

With a legal team that has helped countless individuals receive the benefits they deserve, Robert White is confident that he can help you too. For additional information or to learn more, contact a representative and get started today.