Injured Construction Worker Stock Photo - What to Know if You Are Hurt On The Job

What To Know If You’re Hurt On The Job

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When you suffer an injury on the job, the last thing you should have to think about is whether your employer will pay for the medical bills you will incur to treat your injury.  Your Odessa workers’ compensation attorney will help you throughout your case, but there are tips and tricks to help you along the way. Here are 3 things you need to know if you ever get hurt on the job.

Know Your Rights

Every employee has the right to have expenses paid for by the employer should they have a workplace accident.  The problem is that many employers do not think they should have to pay these expenses and they try to find any reason they can not to. When you started your job, you signed documents that covered the company protocol when there is a workplace accident. Be sure that you always have a copy of this protocol so you are always aware of how to file a claim if there is a work accident.

While some employers are diligent in ensuring the safety of their employees, others are more shady. They do not want their employees to know their rights. They don’t want them to know that even if an accident is the employee’s fault, the employer is still liable as long as that employee is on the clock. The most important thing that you can do for yourself is to educate yourself in your rights as an employee should you ever become injured on the job.

Your rights are not just bound by your employer but by the law. If you sustain an injury on the job, your employer is bound by law to pay for your medical expenses. In some cases, you may also be entitled to lost wages if your injury results in loss of wages as well.

Document Everything

One thing that employees do not do is document everything and submit a work accident report. Even something that may seem insignificant like bending the wrong way can result in an injury. If the alleged injury is not documented right away, then it can become difficult for you to prove that it actually happened on the job. You must document every little tinge of pain you feel or any potential accident that may lead to medical expenses. It is also important to keep track of anyone that may have witnesses your accident should you need to verify your story with your employer.

Don’t Treat Your Employer Like The Enemy

In most cases, your employer will try to help you get through your workplace injury. They will pay for your expenses and your lost wages because they do not want to lose you as an employee or be subject to a lawsuit or complaint. Treat them as your confidant, someone who you can talk to about your injury. You should keep them up to date and aware of any treatments that you might need so they can give you the time off you need and pay for the expenses that you will incur. That said, once they say they need proof that you sustained the injury on the job or they try to minimize your injury, you need to seek the help of a qualified attorney to make sure your employer pays any medical expenses or lost wages.

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