Brain Injuries

What You Should Know About Brain Injury Cases

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Brain injuries can be life-threatening or life altering. These grievances cause serious damage and repercussions for its suffering. Brain injury also makes litigating a car accident a bit different. In this article, we will cover the basics of brain injury and what you should know about brain injury cases.

The Different Terms for Brain Injury

A brain injury is when bodily harm to the head, skull, brain, and/or cells occurs. The trauma can be caused by a substantial force such as a sharp blow or severe shaking. The brain’s function normally gets disrupted when brute force occurs. This is how brain injury starts to form.

In a car accident, brain injury can occur from the head hitting the steering wheel, getting pinned by the airbag, flying through the windshield or any other forceful incident.

The effects of brain injuries don’t always appear instantly; sometimes they are detected weeks, months or even years after the initial accident. Brain injuries also affect people differently. Some people are able to recover after a short period of time and others never do. This all depends on the severity of the injury and the person’s general health.

For instance, a person who is thrown through the windshield of a car before coming into contact with the ground might experience more severe injuries than someone whose head bumps into the steering wheel. However, that isn’t always the case. It all depends on how the person’s body responds to the trauma as well as other factors (speed and angle of impact).

Common Brain Injuries

In this section, we will break down some common brain injuries that occur as a result of car accidents. These injuries vary in intensity and can even result in other health issues.

Acquired Brain Injury

Unlike many other brain injuries that are caused by an external blow to the head, an acquired brain injury is caused by oxygen deprivation of the brain cells. Things such as toxic substances, drowning, and poisoning can all cause acquired brain injury. Loss of brain cells or damage to brain cells can cause permanent damage.


Often referred to as a traumatic brain injury, concussions occur when the brain shakes against the skull due to an external blow to the head.

Closed Head Injuries

Closed head injuries are often not immediately noticeable. They are caused by damage to the brain but symptoms may take some time to appear.

Symptoms of Brain Injuries

Headaches, memory loss, dizziness, nausea and blurry vision are all symptoms of brain injuries. It is important to seek medical attention immediately following the car accident and when you experience these injuries.

Brain Injury Lawsuits

Brain injury cases are determined by the negligence of another party. In a car accident case, you must prove that the defendant’s actions were the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

It is important to gather as much evidence as you can to prove that the negligent driving action or inaction of the defendant caused your injuries.

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