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When Do You Need To Have Your Car Brakes Repaired?

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For the safe operation of your vehicle, brakes in good working conditionĀ are vital. The safety of your passengers, yourself, and the driving public depend on them. If poor brake maintenance causes the car owner to get into an accident, an injured party can find him or her at fault because of negligence. If another motorist’s negligence injured you or someone close to you in an accident, don’t hesitate to seek the legal advice of an experienced auto accident attorney in Odessa.

See your auto mechanic if you notice any of these seven signs of brakes in need of repair:

  • There is a loud screeching sound. Brake pads are designed to make this sound when they wear out. Brake pads have an embedded piece of metal called an indicator. When pad wear exposes the indicator, it rubs against the rotor and produces a screeching sound that you can’t miss. Change your pads right away.
  • You hear grinding sounds. This is the sound of metal rubbing on metal which means your pads are completely worn through.
  • Your brake fluid is low. This condition means one of two things. Either you have a brake fluid leak or your brake pads have worn down. Thinner pads cause the caliper pistons to extend more. This increased extension requires more fluid from the brake fluid reservoir.
  • Your brakes pulsate. The brake rotor’s profile is round and smooth. However, this profile can develop “hills and valleys” which cause pulsation when the brake pads rub against them. Depending on their severity, the rotor is made smooth by shaving off some metal or it will require replacement.
  • Your brakes engage near the floor. Your brakes work normally except that your brake pedal is close to the floor. This is a sign of thin brake pads.
  • Slow braking causes the pedal to go to the floor. When you push the pedal slowly, it goes to the floor. Rapidly pumping the pedal restores its position and gives you some braking. Don’t use rapid pumping as a work-around solution because the problem will get worse until you lose complete braking function. This problem is caused by a bad master cylinder.
  • Your car pulls to one side. This happens whether you are braking or not. A stuck caliper commonly causes the problem.

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