Take Notes After Car Accident

Why You Need To Take Notes After A Car Accident in Odessa

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During a car accident case you must prove both the fault of the other driver and significant pain and suffering in order to receive adequate compensation. Documenting every aspect of your case will make this process much easier and increase your chances of a favorable ruling. Odessa car accident lawyer Robert White offers some advice about what and how to document below.

Record What Happened

Head trauma and loss of consciousness resulting from an accident may make the events difficult to remember and may also affect your behavior afterwards, either immediately or over the course of the case. However, it is important to write down everything you can recall experiencing or perceiving as soon as you can. Describe the situation leading up to the accident, what you felt on impact, and the events that followed. Pictures are enormously helpful, as they can provide a great deal of evidence. Take photographs of both vehicles, debris, the location, people involved, and anything else you can think of. Consider what you are trying to prove, and document accordingly. No detail is too small to mention.

Remember Who You Talked To

Conversations regarding the accident may provide insight as to the severity of injuries and who was at fault. Take down the names and affiliations of medical personnel, insurance adjusters, witnesses, and law enforcement that you speak to. Make note of the date and time. Carefully record the content of the conversations, whether in person or over telephone. Save email correspondence. These people may be called upon in court or interviewed by your caseworkers.

Note How It Affected You

Perhaps the most vital aspect of receiving compensation is proving that it is making up for substantial losses. While it is important to keep medical bills, repair fees, replacement vehicle costs, and other receipts related to the case, there are many other ways in which you may argue for significant losses. Missing classes or work hours, life events, or even vacation may all qualify you for more compensation.

Documenting your physical and mental injuries immediately after the accident and in the following months is critical. While making note of these and speaking with your doctor can help give you a better diagnosis, it also creates a better case for compensation. Some symptoms may take a good bit of time to develop, and it is important not to leave anything out. Pain, discomfort, lack of sleep, emotional dysfunction, and more are all worthy of being documented. While it may seem silly, many people refuse to speak up about problems they consider too minor to mention, but this can prove to be a mistake. Not only can keeping quiet about these injuries take away from your damages, they may also leave your doctor in the dark about why you’re experiencing certain symptoms, which may cause health complications over time.

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