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Will Self-Driving Cars Help Prevent Accidents In Odessa?

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Back in 2000, the dawn of the new millennium inspired excitement and wonder. We looked forward to a time when people could live on distant planets, wear cool metallic clothing or even fly. Another popular idea during this time was the self-driving car. While self operating vehicles once seemed like a sci-fi daydream, we now know that self-driving cars are a reality. Self-driving cars are revolutionizing the car industry and exciting drivers everywhere, but just how safe are self-driving cars? Learn how self-driving cars can impact car accident rates in Odessa, Texas.

Self-Driving Cars and Accident Rates

Companies such as Google and manufacturers such as Volvo are releasing prototypes to a very interested and somewhat skeptical public. In the last decade, we have seen cars that operate on battery power and solar energy but can a self-driving car be the new frontier?

The biggest question is the safety of a self-driving car. We all know that human beings are prone to accidents, but they also possess the knowledge and skills necessary to maneuver a vehicle in unexpected situations. Many drivers wonder if self-driving vehicles can operate effectively under unforeseen conditions. If you’re a driver in Odessa, learn how self-driving cars will affect accident rates in the future.

What is a Tesla?

Tesla is a well-known luxury smartcar brand that has begun releasing self-driving vehicles to the general public. The electric sedan and SUVs use battery power to operate the vehicles. The autopilot feature allows drivers to give complete control to the vehicle allowing it to “drive itself” and operate the steering wheel and brakes autonomously. The autopilot technology improves with each software update offered by the company.

The Reality of Self-Driving Cars

So far, the Tesla has been operating with few problems. That was until May 7th of 2016. On this day, a Tesla operator in Florida was involved in a fatal crash when a tractor trailer made an unexpected left turn in front of the vehicle. The vehicle pummeled into the trailer when the car failed to apply the brakes. This accident posed a few questions for self-driving vehicles and car owners. Experts wonder if autonomous vehicles are able to make the right choices in split-second circumstances or if the technology is advanced enough for mainstream usage.

The reality is that major testing still needs to be done before these vehicles are deemed safe. An increase in self-driving vehicles will likely cause an increase in traffic if these vehicles aren’t as smart as or smarter than human drivers. If not, drivers in Odessa, Texas will need an Odessa car accident lawyer on retainer at all times.

Safety Updates

The Tesla accident presented some blatant issues with self-driving cars, but experts are still hopeful with the advancement of self-driving technology. Tesla has since released a radar-reliant update, that uses radar pulses to create a 3D image of the car’s surroundings. Signal processing data uses the information gathered by radar to sense non-metallic objects such as people and wood. The Version 8.0 software update will also restrict autopilot usage to just three instances per hour. The driver will have to manually park the car in order to re-start it after disabling the autopilot system.

Odessa Car Accident Lawyers

If you are considering purchasing a self-driving vehicle, it will be in your best interest to research the manufacturer and technology thoroughly before buying a vehicle. It will also be a good idea to consult a lawyer. Self-driving technology is in its infancy and lawmakers have not yet created sufficient laws to deal with autopilot usage and accidents. An Odessa car accident lawyer will educate you about your rights when operating or experiencing an accident with one of these vehicles.

Attorney Robert White of Odessa, Texas is at the forefront of car accident law in Texas and can offer you a consultation regarding your self-driving vehicle. Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation or for more information regarding your car accident case.